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Pipefitter App

Developer: Best Pipefitters Corporation
10.15 usd

All the same trusted information that is in The Pipe Fitters Field Book is now available in an App.THINK SMART WORK SAFE
Information contained within the App;* Length through hub for weld neck and slip-on flanges.* Dimensions of butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings and flanges.* Diameters and circumferences and nominal wall thicknesses of pipe.* Odd angles for long radius 90 degree elbows.* Dissecting a circle and blind flange lay out.* Detailed flange specifications for flange series 150-2500* Drill and tap sizes for bolts and pipe.* Weights for common building materials.* Trade related formulas.* Head pressures of water and temperature conversions.* Layout for equal and unequal diameter branch lines at any angle.* Shackles, inside width at the pin and the safe working load.* Snatch block and sling leg load multiplication factors.* The safe working load for wire rope, and nylon and wire rope slings.* Conversion multipliers and trade related formulas.* Explosive limits and specific gravity of different gasses.* Pipe and water weights.* Weights for plate steel.* Weights for flanged gate valves, weld fittings, blind flanges and weld neck flanges.